About the Everything for Kids Blog

One of my favorite things in life is doing things with my 2 boys. They are at an age where more activities and projects are available and we all enjoy doing them together. They are great sports and will participate in just about any craft, cooking or activity I can come up with for us to try. I try to make it fun, take pictures and scrapbook about it later so we have the memories. When my husband asked our boys what Mom likes they answered, “to make memories.” How true that is!

So, within the pages and categories of this blog you will find recipes, craft ideas, party ideas and more for you and your kids (or grandkids) to enjoy together. I’ll tell you about the successes of projects as well as the failures. Many of the projects will most likely come from lots of sources and I’ll cite those so as not to 1.) get into trouble and 2.) allow you to find out more about the project, possibly see other photos and search sites for inspiration. The recipes will also come from myriad sources. Family, friends, cookbooks, product packaging, magazines and the internet.

I’ll also post reviews of games, movies, websites and products. My boys will provide input from a child’s perspective and I’ll add mine as the grown-up. These reviews will be wholly and solely chosen by us…no influence here from manufacturer’s, etc. I am not paid to review anything, just want to share experiences.

I’ll share with you good ideas from friends for things they have tried like the Mom who gave a $5 gift card as a favor to the guests at her son’s birthday party. You may think that’s expensive but you can read more in the upcoming post.

So, welcome! Feel free to comment and share your own ideas or results from something you tried on my blog. You can choose to subscribe to email updates or just check back for new posts. Either way…Enjoy!

1 Response to About the Everything for Kids Blog

  1. dutchmom4 says:

    You have a great website. I can’t wait to check it out more!! 🙂

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